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Blood profiles

From a small sample of blood, we can run tests to determine the health status of many of the body's organs, as well as determine if there is infection present. Anaemia and diabetes are easily diagnosed by these simple tests and having a blood profile carried out before your pet undergoes surgery helps make sure that the liver and kidney functions are sufficient to deal with the anaesthetic.

Medical investigation

Cat in kennelWe are able to carry out a wide range of diagnostic procedures in-house. We have our own laboratory for blood screening, microscopy and urine analysis.

We have x-ray and ultrasonography facilities on site, ECG monitor and equipment for measuring blood pressure. See our diagnostics page for more information.

Surgical procedures

Pelvic repairOur surgical caseload is wide ranging, including routine spays and castrations, tumour removals, cleaning and stitching wounds, Caesarian sections and gastrointestinal surgery.

We also undertake a number of orthopaedic procedures - managing fractures, ligament tears and joint problems.Where we are unable to offer appropriate surgical intervention we are able to arrange for surgery to be carried out at one of the many referral centres in the South-East.
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